North Woods Studio


We are now offering select in-person classes at our studio. Please check the schedule for more information.

Any class you bought on zoom is good for an in person class and vice versa. The prices will be for either 60 or 90 minutes, regardless of whether it’s on zoom or in person. The in person classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at our previous studio location on the third floor of 316 East Mitchell (which is now under the purview of the Crooked Tree Dance program).

At this time, 12/1/22, we are not wearing masks as a rule but you are welcome to wear one. If you have any symptoms of Covid or any other illness please stay home and get well.

If you would like to start in person classes, simply email me at I generally recommend that new students with yoga experience, but new to Iyengar Yoga, start with at least a few beginner classes to become acquainted with this method. We can decide together if the 9 am level 2 and above class would be more appropriate. If you are moving from another Iyengar Yoga program or have taken classes from me in the past, we can decide by email which class is best as well.

Starting in January, I am offering a class for all students new to yoga to start with me on Thursdays from 11-12, for Iyengar Yoga 101, which will be both zoomed and in person (hybrid). It’s ok to begin later than the start date for any class, as I teach each asana (pose) we are working on, and usually demonstrate it as well, in all the beginner classes. Recordings will be available for 2 weeks after the class is given.

I suggest you bring your own mat but there are blocks and blankets for your use there and a few mats if you forget yours. If at some point COVID concerns make it seem unwise to meet in person, the schedule will revert to an all zoom platform again. If you would not attend a zoom class, please buy single or small packages as no refunds will be issued if I need to move all classes to be on zoom.

Besides being together, a big plus for the studio is the rope wall, and I intend to make use of it in most classes!

North Woods Yoga is on the third floor above Nicolet Bank, (the door to the third floor is just to the right) and across the street from Monarch Flowers. NWY studio is a large sunny yoga studio with great air circulation, wood floors and wall ropes.

If you own a sticky mat, bring it, otherwise there are mats to borrow at the studio, which you can clean after you use them. The studio is equipped with yoga ropes, which are put up and taken down every class by the students who come. You can see them in use in some of the pictures on this website. They are fun and give a nice free feeling in some of the asanas.  The other equipment you will need is available to borrow at the studio as well. If you would prefer to bring all your own equipment, the basic set is as follows:

Yoga mat
2-3 yoga blankets
2 yoga blocks, (preferably wood, but hard foam is ok )
A 6 foot or longer yoga belt

For zooming class from home, these items will be helpful as well and those that are common, like blankets, can be from what you already own. I also recommend an armless chair and a wall to work with for home classes. 

I recommend Yoga in Action Preliminary Course, by Geeta S. Iyengar for a basic text. It’s available here. It’s also sold at other sites, but this is our national organization and they have the best price as well. Feel free to email me with any questions about starting yoga at North Woods Yoga!

316 1/2 East Mitchell
3rd floor (accessible only by stairs)
Petoskey, MI 49770

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Krounchasana-Heron Pose